I hug myselfe with My rings on My fingers

To have a ring on the finger is a lovley feeling. If the ring, in addition, remindes you of someone or something that is extra. Wohooooooo is the feeling When I look at my rings, I smile and laugh or even hug myselfe with the ring on My finger…..wow. That is how My rings works for me and I hope I can spred that to YOU all you lovely pepole. An extra happy smile on your face. I love the thought.

I Will, I dare, I can

Thank you

100% ME


Happy and Love

Only the Imagine sets the limit.

I always start with the word KÄRLEK (LOVE) inside the ring. You are spending soooooo much time with you like noone else and That is what you should give LOVE  to yourselfe first. The most precious in your life Is YOU. AAAAAlways remember that❤️.

Thank you.  Make a happy lovley day for you and the world.  Love you and this.


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