A painting in progress

This is a painting that I am making. ITs like a meditation painting. I am nowhere and everywhere while I make it. Here and now and focusing only on what I AM doing.  Peaceful.

Here is Some closeups on the painting.

Start with the center



Triangels stars and circles

Another circle.

and another part…hahaha….looks like an owl to me.

on a mountain top


more circles

love flowers

on o surfboard

so many of them

a shark

is this angry or


just an ordinary day

it is still not complete  but i love making it when the mood comes or I take myselfe to the mood.

Love you and this



  1. Varje detalj är olik den andra. Precis som livet snirklar varje detalj sig fram och skapar en så vacker helhet. Väldigt fint.

    1. Det ÄR så. TACKsam för att du delar dina tankar. Tack för att du ser🔆 Tack för att du är du❤️

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