Colors I LOVE colors

Todays colors is white, yellow, orange and magenta. They made me happy when I looked at them so I choose those.

What I do is to ster the colors with different kind of medium and wather. Some drops of silicone and then poure then into a cup. Flip the cup onto the canvas and then tilt the canvas until I am satesfied and happy.

This is what Todays colors became. It is a Suprise every time Im doing this. No canvas, is ever, looking the same. Even if I try. But Im a beginner at this so I have faith in myself to make som PERFECT art int this Pouring technique with Acrylic paint. I cant get enough.

Here is anotherone

And another one

And one more

You are going to see alot of those here because I just LOVE IT.

Make a beautiful day. I love you and this. /Susanne


  1. Wonderful paintings, keep up the magic you create and make the World more beautiful! Love your work! πŸ™πŸΌ

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