Finally Leather and I LOVE it!!!

I have for a long time  been thinking about starting to use leather in my craft. So finally i did it.

This is Some of the tools and material to start up with.

First i cut the leather with a sharp rolling knife. A Reeeeeeally sharp one.

Then I make the edges a littel bit round with a edgeknife. I have to practise a LOT to be good at this.  Thats a promise. 

After the edges I made Some stripes on the leather so the future bracelet  got a frame.  A Fun tool and relatively easy to do.

And next I made a hole with this tool. Just pick the right size for the hole. Nice and easy. 

On the other side of the bracelet another hole with a twist. Looks nice. 

Now I just have to decide what I should write on them.  That Will be another day.

LOVE you and this❤️🙏


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