Glass is another favorit thing of mine

This form of handling glass is called lampworking. I melt glas infront of a fier and shape it there. It is kind of like glassblowing but in miniature.

You can put Together the colors you like and make the shape that you want…. IF you know how and what you are doing…       Hahaha. 

It is all about temperature. Not to coold, then the glass will not move. Not to hot, then the glass just melt  to drops on the tabel, and you dont want that. 

This is on of My first glassbeads. I put it on a silverring so i can wear it on My finger or around My neck. 

A LOT of colorfull lovley beads.

To make happy Jewelrys with.

These are like Candy for your eyes. 

And those white, around your wrist, in the summer..  wooooooow. LOVE them.

I have a LOT of Fun making these beads. You have to have a Great bunch of patience and many houers to get a skill. Im still learning every bead I make.

Love you and this

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  1. You never cease to amaze! You are so skillfull in everything that you do. Such focus and commitment to whatever you lay your hands on is rare!
    Keep up your enthusiasm you put in all of your projects/work and you will be even more succesfull. (If possible) I love it – love U!!!

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