Symbols and Affirmations

I LOVE symbols and different kinds of characters. I use them to remind myself of how and what I can do to get where I want in my life.  In the learning phase of the symbol especially. They also make me peaceful when I create them.

This is one REIKI symbol that I painted. I look at it every morning when I drink My water, then I make and use the meaning. It stands for so much wisdom. Then i look at My window. Not outside it because there I have written som Good affirmations that I like.

It says: Everything is good. 

Everything seems for my highest and best

Only the best is to get out of this situation.

I am safe. 

Thank you for the good news that comes to me today. 

That is how I start My day.

I have affirmations all over my place . In My bathroom I have written this on the tile. 

When I go from My home i have these words on the doorwindow

It says: I accept where ever those shoes is going to get me. And when I came home. I read and feel this.

This one says: When I step out of this role, I leave the stress outside the door. And I shake it of. 

All those words gives me presence, awareness and peace in me and My soul. 

Make a Happy Happy Happy artday. 

I love you and this



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