Hello My jewel suffering

This is the first peace of 12 jewelry that i AM going to make. I AM, in My way,  interpreting a book that is called 12 stages of healing. 

The first jewel is SUFFERING. A hard ugly dirty place to be. Not any pleacent at all, but still,  i AM there from time to time and this jewelry is a reminder for me to change. I have it all inside of me. So let me give you a PRESENT ….

Suffering … I’m a big crying hopeless tear with a wrinkled sore mouth. It hurts and aches everywhere in my body that has a lot of heavy weight against the deep and dark. I complain and stumble around in circles. I am a victim of all circumstances.

Stop it… Free me… Why does not anyone listen to me. I feel sad and abandoned. Nothing works. I can not cope with the pain anymore. I am going to die.

I understand you. It is OK. Take a deep breath …. breathe … in through the nose, out through the mouth. One more time… Breathe.

Now listen…

I dont say that this is easy nor hard. I say: You can do it. 

I hang around your neck. When you look at me everything is upside down. Look outside the Box. From another angel. Give it Perspective.

There are roads. Insights and Enlightenment. I’m like a hot air balloon against the light. My soul is filled with the highest and the best.

Everything is already within me. I just need to turn around the right way. I’m with you when you’re ready. I love you. / ME

I love if you share your thoughts. Pleace write to me if you think this is interesting. 

What can I chose to make a better day today.

I can do it.

I love you and this.



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