Me and a pen

You can do so much Fun stufft with a pen. Just look at these. Happy cherich you up wise words on Stones. And flowers of course.

When I AM on a stonebeach I cant help myselfe making a stone with flowers or a kind word and leave it There. In My mind it Will make that person happy and that makes me even happier. This was in Mallorca.

Under the water. So beautiful.

On the top of another stone

And when I dont have a stone to use my pen on, then I have My workingpants😄 

Black & white

Hahaha…Before you eat it you can always make a pattern on a banana. (Not My Idea but that made me laugh)

So IF you dont have anything else to do… take a pen

And make the work a better place to live.

How can it be better than this?

Love you and this.

/Susanne Solhantverk


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