This weekend was awsome

I just LOOOOOOVE to learn new things. This weekend I have attending a course in welding. The first thing you have to learn is the security. How to handel all the gas and fier. How to dress so you dont get set on fier if a welding loop jumps on you.  Right glasses for right weldingtechnique. So this is how I look in my outfit for the day.

I can tell you that it is so much fun. Our task for the first day was to make a “thing” that should be totally close in all weldings. (it should always be but…) Then put a pressure on it that should handel 50 bar.  My master called it The Submarine. This is my perfekt submarine. Im Proud.

This is my “diploma”. Gas, MIG/MAG and Arcwelding.

And this is “The CAT” that I practice it all on. My Happydancing CAT.

And I made a dice. This welding I am proud of. Looks pretty good.

And last I made a flower for and to my daughter because it was her birthday. And that is a very special day for me to.

So…now it is time to look for some welding equipment so i can make my projekts that i want. And I want ALOT.

Make a great day. Love this and you. Thank you.


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