Vikings Handycraft

The Vikings probably did it with other tools and materials than Me. I use silverwire. This is how My silver look like when I buy it. Wire and plate in sterlingsilver.

 I spin the wire around a knittingstick so it becomes a long spring. Then I saw them apart one by one. You have to have to sharp ends to get them together in a good way. IF you use a nipper  to cut the wire you get to pointi ends. When you put them together that doesn’t work at all.

You need thousends of silverrings to make chains.  Patience is needed in this part of the process.

Two pliers are the next tool I use. And alot more of that patience. One by one in different patterns.

I have My favorites.  This one I LOVE to wear. It is a flat armor chain. Its the same way you make chains for armor for the hole body.

I call this one halffoolchain.

And this one anchorchain.

This is Round armor chain and it takes very many tiny rings to get a hole chain.  Phu…. but it looks and feels awsome  to wear.

Ring in ring in ring… cant stop it

Cant get enough. I love this.

How can it be better than this? Make the best day. LOVE you and this.


  1. Jag kan knappt andas när jag ser bilderna på dina armband. I LOVE THEM! Du är så otroligt begåvad och det är en ÄRA att komma i kontakt med dig.

    1. Joooo…. ANDAS… hur ska det här gå annars Mona😘 vi har bara olika tålamod och färdigheter i oss Jag är oerhört glad och tacksam att få möta dig. En ära och glädje utöver det vanliga. TACK

  2. Fantastic! You are incredible! So multifaceted!
    Must be realy hard work to make this beautiful jewlery, you are realy something!
    I have had the fortune to lay my hands on some of your chaines an i LOVE them!
    Thank you for making the world more beutiful with all your creations and wisdom! <3

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