Whats in the cup

I looked into My blueberrycup this morning and took a photo. Then I wondered…

How many cups or bowls is filled with different kind of things right here and now? Here is the answer to

My curiosity this day.

My tea cup with a delicious healthy tea.

This is a My palettknife in a cup of wather.

Another bowl with small tiny meatballs. Soooo good.

Four chocolate eggs in a potterybowl that I made a long time ago. ( the eggs is no more).

Incense in a metal bowl

Some turquoise green paint in a plasticcup.

Five pipettes in a cup of wather.

Old dryed paint in used plasticcups.

Oh my… this one is cool. This is how a dry cup looks like after i have used it for My pouring paintings.

And this is anotherone. They are awsome.

A cup of minerals that My grandchild loves to play with.

And a small cup of keys. I love keys. They open up so much.  Do you have a bowl of keys?

I have salt for my food in a potteryheart. LOVELY

A bowl of glasbeads that i have made. Soooo much Fun making them.

A potterybowl with silver in dryed citric acid. It gets that way when I dont have been in my workshop for a while. But I just put some wather on that and its clear to go. The potterybowl is a dear one itselfe. I picked the clay in the sea in the archepellago. It was dirty and gray.  I dryed the clay. I crumbeld the clay. I put the clay in wather to strain it so it got clean. Then i dryed it to perfect texture. Then I drew up the potterybowl. It dryed. It was burned in a ceramic oven. And it got this beautiful color and it is waterproof. The clay turned out  like stoneware. I loved the process but now I have been there and done that and I am thankful fore that experience.

This is a loopy thing. It is a bowl filled with brown and white beans that is burned. Why? I have pured melted silver on the beans!!! Why? Because the result when you do that is so cool. I have made a collektion in silver that is called LAVA. In swedish it is the first letter in Låt Alla Vara Annorlunda and means Let Everyone Be Dirrerent. Every jewel that comes out of this process of melted silver on beans is different and looks like lava.


This is my solderingwathercup with two brushes.

And this is a cup of guthsand. That is a fun process aswell.

Tomorrow some of my cups and bowls are different than today, some are not. I wish you a happy joyful day.

Love you and this.



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